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Simply beautiful.

Brilliant people, one of our favourite bands to play with, a great song and another excellent video from Matt Oaten- what more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon?


Run Dry the River

Utterly shameless self-promotion. And I suppose a reasonable excuse for me to mention that new There Were Bears material is in the works, we should begin recording soon.

Props to Matt Oaten for shooting the video, lovely chap.

UWR Control

Loosely based on the Austrian-style control list that LSV and others wrote about a while back, I went a reasonable 2-1 at last Monday’s FNM losing in two sideboarded games against an innovative Grixis control, but despatching Bant and mono-white Luminarch Ascension control each in two fairly quick games. 

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The 2010 reading list

Here is the fabled list in its current form, it includes a couple of re-reads and a few things I’m still trying to get a hold of. I’ll update it as and when (completed books are in bold). Now edited as of 11/10/10.

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Darkness was upon the face of the deep

So, it was suggested that if I were to start a blog detailing my adventures in the literary realm at least two individuals would read it. This page will contain a little bit of my 2010 reading list, a little bit of interview and review, a little bit of information regarding the progress of various musical projects and probably more than a little mtg theory (beginning with the 75 I played at Monday night’s FNM and a brief overview of my RoE sealed pool from Sunday coming tomorrow).


Welcome to my blog.

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