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My secret love affair

It is not so secret.

It is with stop motion animation, particularly the skeleton warriors in Jason and the Argonauts (which got watched again a couple of days ago, before coming out here to Amsterdam). Not only are they freakin’ awesome, they also grow from sown HYDRA’S TEETH.

Here is something else cool:



It’s going to be a spicy trip, with Laura and with friends, plenty to see and do (and consume) and I’m going to see how far I get in the legacy events at the PT next weekend. No idea if there will be updates whilst I’m away, but I’ll try.

We’re on our way.

Steampunk Fables: Sif

Preview image from the first shoot (yesterday 28/8) for the Steampunk Fables book project for the character Sif, as modelled by Jenn Richards. You can check out more of Laura’s photography over here. Sif in the comic books series of Thor appears as his other half, and indeed this is true of the mythological roots, in which she had a child with him. She is largely associated with the earth historically, along with some ties to fertility. In our world she is a Robin Hood-style vigilante (and her hair is dark as in the comics, as opposed to the blonde of golden wheat in the original story). Enjoy: 

In some of the images, she's got a sword. Win.

A post about… Choose your own adventure

Fighting Fantasy, it’s just something of interest.

I have quite a few of the Fighting Fantasy (FF) books, penned variously by some combination of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone (names that should be pretty familiar to any who has ever played any kind of fantasy game, pretty much ever) as well as some others, including the other Steve Jackson (creator of GURPS and Munchkin, amongst others). These are the guys who created Games Workshop and Citadel Miniatures, along with FF and numerous other projects including video games, and Livingstone even got an OBE for his contributions to the video games industry. They are pretty key players in the birth and popularity of fantasy wargaming in its many guises.

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Example of a cool thing.

This is pretty sweet, lots of upcoming talented UK and US artists and writers. The kickstarter method of raising cash seems pretty clever, too. May have to use a similar technique for the Steampunk Fables photo book. Check it out, pledge if you want to support underground creativity:

A post about… Naming

It’s just something of interest.

After finally breaking the 6,000 word mark on the other (other) writing project I’m working on at the moment City House which I realise I have not said anything about on this blog (nor the other³ book The Tower) I thought I might just talk a bit about naming characters. Now the lead character in City House is called Samuel, because I could not think of anything better and it’s quite similar to Sumulael (name of the lead character in The Tower, of my Yog-Sothoth-worpshipping cultist char, and title of this blog) which I only got because it’s faintly Babylonian/Sumerian and that’s the setting for that one. So I stole from myself and then anglicised. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the name Samuel, and indeed I’ve grown to refer to the character as such and have even considered some links between the two characters across the fictional centuries, but it doesn’t actually mean anything. I didn’t specifically choose Samuel out of all of the potential names in the universe because it was the one true name or anything like that, it just works in a fairly standard sort of way. I guess I was just bummed that Luke Skywalker and Hiro Protagonist had already been taken… which reminds me that the character is also one of those guys with only one name, which is maybe a little weak…

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Blackened Grind Microbursts!

Sat 25th September 2010, Club 85 – it’s the return of The Wound Man… We haven’t done anything in just about ever, but now we are. Fancy that. We’re going to be playing some new tracks as well off the forthcoming release which will be called Horrorist (preview blog post about this coming soon). We should finally also be playing a very special version of the most brutal song evar.

This gig will be cool predominantly because of the reformation of BlackEye; they’re a sick band and good guys, so it’s well worth coming along just for that. Also Gilla Bruja are safe and also very good! But at the end of the day, you’ll get to see/hear/experience the glorious mess that is The Wound Man. Have a flyer:

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