Squisky drakes!

I’m a bit shit, I know. Haven’t updated this in a while (the book list will be updated shortly) because of various distractions i.e. Football! I shall be making a more concerted effort to incorporate them into this blog rather than let them exclude me from writing it. One of my current distractions is D&D.

We finally have a playgroup for D&D now, which is pretty special. Barrett is DM’ing, then it’s Laura, Binky, Jenni, David and myself as the party. Elvish Rogue, Dragonborn Fighter, Tiefling Cleric, Dwarf Rogue and Human Warlock, respectively. Adriella, Kriv, Orianne, Pablo (there’s always one) and Sumulael even more respectively (I had to, really). We’re just starting out Level 1, only using stuff from the first Player’s Handbook and the scenario is the first printed in the back thereof, as we have a few noobs, and a few of us haven’t played since 3rd. Rusty but trusty. Anyway, the first part of Kobold Hall was pretty damn successful, finishing this particular campaign off tomorrow hopefully.


Sweet char pic courtesy of Binky aka the guy behind Pridelord Studios

A little bit on my char, which still needs fleshing out: Sumulael is in his early twenties but already carries a haggard look on his face, an invisible burden on his shoulders. He believes himself to be the one true prophet of Yog-Sothoth, of the Thing Beyond the Stars, the reality outside of reality. He has made a star pact with this formless and almost inconceivable entity, and it is his eventual goal to bring about the spawning of his ancient sire. A pretty intense guy, with a tendency for occasional erratic behaviour, he is nonetheless very calm and level-headed for the most part. The beard, hood and sickle are all just staples.

In the old days, Sumulael’s alignment would have been Chaotic Neutral, easy peasy. No real concern for mortal considerations of good or evil, none of that matters anyway when reality gets eaten. Unfortunately, in 4th ed. we have to settle for Unaligned, which doesn’t really do him justice, though our DM is allowing it as an important footnote to better understand the character. Eventually he’ll end up on the Doomsayer paragon path, assuming we get that far, and finally the Harbinger of Doom epic destiny before potentially blowing up the universe. Should be fun, and we’ve got all the D&D jokes…



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