Steampunk Fables

What will the future be like? It is quite impossible to tell…

A literary/photography collaboration with my girlfriend Laura that we’ve been talking about for a while, it’s going to start coming together pretty soon, as I’ve started writing and Laura got her new flash. I believe we have most of the models sorted out and most of the famous fairytale and other fabled subjects who are getting steampunk’d. Aside from an introduction and a few linking pieces of prose, it’s basically going to be individual biographies restyled to accompany each of the 20-odd fables (if you’ve ever seen either of the two Book of Beasts then you know the kind of style we’re going for). Expect your obvious A-listers and a few of the less well known entities, hopefully it’ll make for an interesting viewing and reading experience. Aiming to self-publish the book to a reasonable standard – as soon as there are some concrete dates I will update. Keep an eye out for previews of both sides of the work.

Plus I get to play with things like this.


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