M11 Draft #2

This is a good card, right?

As cautiously predicted, here is the follow up draft I paid for with my packs from the last one, and by selling my rares. First pack, first picked a Pacifism and in short order got passed an Honor of the Pure. I skirt around green or blue as my secondary colour to white, until I get a Fireball and realise I have a couple of red cards that would support the kind of weenie plan that I’m on. I also got a 4th pick Day of Judgment today (I’m sure it’s not just me overrating this card?) I didn’t end with as many good white dudes as I might have liked, and only one Squadron Hawk, but the deck’s capable of some fast starts and quick endings. Red/White again – here it is:

1 Elixir of Immortality
1 Thunder Strike
2 Ajani’s Pridemate
1 Squadron Hawk
1 Stormfront Pegasus
1 Pacifism
1 Honor of the Pure
1 War Priest of Thune
1 Mighty Leap
1 Ajani’s Mantra
2 Lava Axe
1 Fireball
1 Roc Egg
1 Palace Guard
1 Siege Mastodon
1 Day of Judgment
3 Assault Griffin
1 Cloud Crusader
1 Whispersilk Cloak
1 Terramorphic Expanse
5 Mountain
11 Plains

Round 1:
OK, so my Round 1 opponent had a sick deck. U/G good stuff with multiple Foresee and Sylvan Ranger, with Conundrum Sphinx and Platinum Angel plus a red splash for Pyromancer and (I’m assuming here, something like Lightning Bolt).
Game 1: He stuck a Warlord’s Axe on his Sphinx and went to town, and even when I used Day of Judgment to clear the board (with Roc Egg on my side and Honor of the Pure down) he simply chained a pair of Foresee and recovered faster than me. I sided out Palace Guard for Solemn Offering.
Game 2: I’m a bit mana-screwed but get some early pressure with my one-sided Crusade helping to pump my weenies, but then he lands Sphinx and Angel and has two (two!) Plummets in hand for my flyer and the thing I used Mighty Leap on. It’s not looking good until… he disconnects. And doesn’t reconnect in time. Cleaning up rounds in style… (it’s happened to me before, I don’t feel too bad)

2-1 (on a technicality)

Round 2:
Game 1: My opponent is blue/black with a turn two Steel Overseer. He Mind Controls my Roc Egg and sacs it to his Bloodthrone Vampire netting him the token and pumping his dude – pretty sweet play for him. Day of Judgment clears the board (it IS a good card) and I beat down with a couple of little dudes for a few turns over his empty board. At four life, he casts Sign in Blood on himself, draws nothing to deal with both of my threats and concedes
Game 2: As above except I have a much faster start and blow up his Ice Cage with Solemn Offering pumping both of my Pridemates. He begins to get back in the game after using Rise Form the Grave on his Cloud Elemental and summoning another flyer, but he decides not to block one of my guys at a crucial stage and Lava Axe finishes him off, no problems.

2-0 (nice and swift, into the finals and guaranteed got more packs back than I put in)

Round 3:
My opponent is mono-black with Corrupt, Captivating Vampire (with pre-requisite vamps), Crystal Ball and a bunch of removal.
Game 1: He has four vampires + Captivating Vampire and quickly overwhelms me when he corrupts for 7 after a bit of racing, which turns out to be quite the turning point.
Game 2: We both play some inconsequential dudes until I use Day (to blow up his vamps, how Vorthos) and eventually draw Lava Axe to finish him off after we both draw lands for a few turns.
Game 3: I get a fairly quick start backed up by Fireball and am about to win next turn when my opponent, who is on 1 life, uses Sign in Blood on me, followed by Howling Banshee to force the draw.
Game 4: It’s pretty brutal, I have a turn two Pridemate, turn 3 Cloak, turn 4 equip, turn 5 some sort of flyer, turn 6 use Solemn Offering on his Steel Golem, turn 7 concession after he uses Sign in Blood on himself and doesn’t find an answer.

2-1-1 (equals 3-0 overall, so a winrar is me!)

I sideboarded Palace Guard out and put Solemn Offering in pretty much every single game, card’s got targets apparently.
Day of Judgment is bloody good, and also, Mind Rot should really be used to full advantage, not wildly throwing it at your opponent of turn 3 just because. So I’m guessing as I won 8 more packs that there will be a third one of these – maybe I’ll get video up?


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