Curse of the Illithid

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Basically, the main reason leading to my distinct lack of any sort of update yesterday is that I was fully immersed in the Dungeons and Dragons universe (and its various planes) rather than paying any real attention to this one. After Laura supplied our playgroup with a number of the 4th edition books, we’ve all been pimping our chars, creating new ones and I, at least, have been designing a fiendishly twisted campaign for later in the year when Barrett gets bored of being the DM and one of us steps up to the plate. I’m preparing for taking on that challenge with this campaign, the name of which you see in the title – Curse of the Illithid.

I’m being pretty secretive about the whole affair, because I have what I think are some pretty cool ideas for it, though everyone is of course able to look up ‘illithid,’ and probably infer that there will be gribblys. If I did a campaign and it wasn’t gribbly, something might be wrong. I’m also trying to write the whole thing up, instructions, tables, information, hints to the DM and some nice art so that it would be possible to print it off and give it to someone else to run with their own group with the minimum of fuss (I found some cool old 1920’s newspaper fonts for most of this, along with a couple of nice irregular handdrawn gothic scripts for use as titles).

In our current group, back in the present, we’re about a third of the way into our second campaign and we haven’t skipped planes. Honest.  There are some cultists worshipping something that sounds a bit like its probably from the Far Realm and a bit like Yog-Sothoth, but I’m pretty sure that my char Sumulael is going to have none of it. He did however manage to pick up a sweet new second tongue, that appears to be some kind of semi-sentient worm type thing. Awesome.

I’ve got about four book reviews in the works, so expect more content later. It’s Binky’s birthday today, so shout out to him and beers tonight!


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