A post about… Not being blue.

The Echidna, it’s just something of interest.

Hells yes.

Seriously, take the monotremes as a whole (five extant species of mammal that lay eggs instead of give birth to live young) how the hell did evolution get there? I mean, the spiny anteater, or echidna, is basically just what it says on the tin with some added egg-laying… but the platypus, have you seen that thing? Part beaver, part duck, part otter and packing venom. Say whut?

Anyway, here are some select factoids pulled from a certain online user-contributed encyclopedia:

  • Named after a monster from Greek mythology.
  • As mentioned, they are one of only five survivors of their order.
  • They have no nipples (no monotremes do).
  • A young echidna is called a puggle.
  • They’re covered in spines, even on their tongues.
  • Male echidnas have a four-headed penis.
  • They’re much spicier than hedgehogs (no, I’m not bitter…)

There is also pretty obviously, the case of the greatest echidna ever, Knuckles.



Just to clarify – he owns your face. Particularly if you’re a gay blue hedgehog with magical freakin’ shoes. LAME.


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