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I Heart Sauce

Saucey, sauce, sauce… 

If you don’t know me, I love food. I particularly love to put sauce on my food / next to my food (I admit it, I am a dipper) and I am never more pleased than when said sauce is hot and spicy. I love spicy food. This is by no means a list covering the hottest and most brutal sauces I regularly eat / have eaten / once tried and nearly stopped breathing. This is simply a top 3 most DERICIOUS sauces that you can add to any meal and I’d be chuffed to bits. These are my every day, any time of day, any dish sauces. In no particular order: 

HP Seriously Hot Tabasco Chilli & Honey Sauce

 1. Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t seriously hot by any stretch of the imagination. It’s got a bit of a kick to it (though they have recently changed this to Red Chilli rather than Tabasco, the taste and heat remains the same) but it is mainly here because it is delicious and the absolute best foil to beef burgers and to fried eggs in particular. 

Nando's Hot Peri-Peri Sauce

 2. You’d have to be dead inside to not enjoy this one. It’s a bit of a popular sauce, and again I’d like to stress that whilst this is only the hot (as opposed to extra hot) version, this is what goes on my breakfast. I regularly eat a lot hotter. Fairly obviously this one is great with chicken, and also with cheesy nachos. I also regularly get the marinade one and use it as a sauce, bit of a thicker consistency. 

Cholula Hot Sauce

 3. This sauce is not hot. At all. But it is the tastiest damn thing you will ever eat. I first learnt of its existence eating at  Bodean’s in London (what a restaurant – hurt so good!) and literally this can go on absolutely anything. It does go on absolutely everything with some regularity, it’s just so damn tangy and pleasant and just a perfect mix of ingredients. Top notch.

If you ever feel the urge to buy me a gift, buy me one of these sauces and I will be eternally grateful.


Proof of Idiocy

Well, having still proudly never had a practice in about four years of existence, we decided to use one of the few opportunities we had when most of us were in the same place at the same time to produce this. Think of it as a preview to the second EP (that I wrote about here) that should be nearing completion by the end of the year. Enjoy.

😀 😀  The Wound Man – A Magical Place  😀 😀


The other day, Barrett said something very true when talking about music: 

I really like leeks. They’re like a cross between onions and polystyrene. 

And then, possibly in an entirely different conversation, he said something like: 

Our generation has no punk rock revolution. 

I’ve had a similar conversation with a few people recently, in particular the rest of There Were Bears and Chris who we were demoing with last week. All the bands from a few years ago that really got me excited about music seem to have stagnated (as previously mentioned) and nothing new has come along to really push things any further. In terms of extreme music, although this sentiment is probably always expressed every couple of years, it feels like there isn’t a whole lot further to go, and in terms of production I think there needs to be a big change. Chris has some very interesting things to say about how rock and pop mixes are now almost indistinguishable. There is a perceived certain way to mix a rock record, and that’s how it is done. Musical apathy aside, really this blog post is to just to direct all of your attention over to the following website. I am inordinately excited about new material from this band, especially given how uninspired I have been by pretty much everything else: 


Samurai & Stuff

I took a Legend of the Five Rings online quiz, according to which I am of the…

What Clan are you?

The game seems pretty damn cool, and I won the only game that I’ve played of it so far. Will be looking more into it over the coming weeks, possibly investing some cash of my own rather than continually borrowing Barrett’s stuff when it comes to games that are slightly off the beaten track (although I kind of think of L5R as the second biggest card game after M:tg). Worth checking out if you haven’t already done so for sure.


I have remembered why I found industrial music so vital when I first discovered its existence. Seriously, if you do a single thing that I suggest on this blog (though I’d rather you read something from the list as well) then forget everything that ever got termed industrial (particularly with the suffix -metal) and check out some of this music. Yes, at times it is very clunky, and a bit pastiche, and sometimes even the most vital artists get it very wrong. But there honestly is something in there that I don’t find in any other music.

Now seems as apt a time as any to make some more project announcements:

  1. I am currently writing music for my first (properly) solo release Ornithology, Vol. 1 which will be produced under a moniker not-yet-decided. It will hopefully be a true reflection of all the myriad artists that I have listened to since first finding a joy in music, and as such will not be forced into any particular genre (though it is important to note that it will, of course, feature plenty of noise). Confirmed track titles so far are They Show Their Love and Pontius Pilate.
  2. Diath are active once more. We appear to have settled into a set-up most fitting given our past endeavours, that will still allow room for all of the things we want to achieve – twin bass guitars + machines. The element of friend participation will almost undoubtably still feature. We intend to start writing new material, for the first time in some years now, within the next few months and have already been looking back to the Murder of Crows release as a starting point. Live aktions may follow.

A post about… Bigfeet

Following on from last Friday’s mention of ‘Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon’ (it kills in cold blood) here is a post about… Cryptozoology, it’s just something of interest.

The study of hidden animals or cyptids, then. This lesser-known scientific field comprises both the hunt for all your staple creatures of folklore such as the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, the aforementioned Yeti as well as any and all Lost World type arrangements with extant dinosaurs. As well as animals considered extinct, and those who may never have existed, cryptozoology also includes looking for animals that are considerably far from their natural habitats.

Obviously, I’m pretty sure that in the eyes of many scientists, it falls right off the end of the purity of subject scale and it is viewed by most as a pseudoscience. Now, just so we don’t get mistaken – I’m not suggesting otherwise – however, reading around the subject, despite all the hoaxes and lack of non-anecdotal evidence does turn up some interesting things. For example, the legend of the griffin (the eagle-headed and winged lion) could quite possibly have stemmed from the discovery of a Triceratops skeleton. The skull on one of these quite conceivably looks like that of a bird, albeit a huge one attached to a four-legged animal and thus: griffin. It’s also interesting when creatures like the okapi where concerned fake until little over a hundred years ago.

Not only does cryptozoology chuck out some interesting discoveries, but it also makes a pretty good backdrop for some awesome art and design books. The Beasts! books were something that I stumbled across whilst shopping for designer vinyl toys in London. I found one of them in a shop in London, bought it on a whim and immediately had to buy the other. Each book contains an amount of material at the beginning and end, often related to cryptozoology (interviews with proponents of the study, etc), along with some 70 or 80 individual pieces of different cryptids. 

The typical layout is a short piece of writing on the left hand side describing certain physical characteristics along with personality quirks and other beliefs held about the beast in question, and then the picture on the right hand page. Each piece of art in the book was done by a different artist, giving more or less free rein to depict the creature how each one saw it. They are very cool and the books are definitely worth picking up; fantastic coffee table stuff. The hook here is that we’re intending to use a very similar format for the Steampunk Fables photo book, with a two page spread on each character: the gorgeous photo on one side, the accompanying darkened fluff on the other. Good times all round.


We have had to pull out of this coming Saturday’s gig at Club 85 due to half of the band being regrettably unavailable. I thoroughly recommend that everyone still go to this show as it will be brilliant (plus myself and Mark may yet be DJ-ing). In more positive news, I’m proud to announce the new forthcoming release from The Wound Man – Horrorist

  1. Abhor the Glitch
  2. The Will to Conquer
  3. Cold Summer
  4. Sublimation of the Veil
  5. Thrones to Reign
  6. Simulacrum

It’s a big cliché that every metal band’s latest release is more melodic, heavier, more technical, more extreme, more everything all at once than the last one. Difference is, with this release we mean it. This is partly it’s because we had so far to come from Ascetics which was very, very basic, and partly because the involvement of the other guys this time round, and the amount of time we have to prepare is far greater. No more writing, learning and recording an EP in 24 hours studio time over three days for us.

By the above statement, I mean that this release has melodic vocals, more technical instrumentation, better programming, more structured parts and will also be about a million times more brutal. Thematically, I don’t think it’s straying too far from the first EP. There are songs about Genghis Khan and Nietzsche, mereological nihilism (I truly love it), fallen ophanim and the apocalypse. All dressed up with the prerequisite amount of bile. No songs named after wrestlers this time though.

I am entering discussions with a very good artist at the moment to produce us some gorgeous artwork that I feel encapsulates the ideas behind the record perfectly – suffice to say it will be quite Lovecraftian. Look out for a bonus preview track sometime soon that we recorded in preparation for the cancelled gig – it’s pretty special.

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