Best. Evening. Ever.

We have returned from Amsterdam, and I will be nursing my blog back to health now that I have time and an internet connection again. First of all, something you should consider: If at any point in your life, you are lucky enough to be granted three wishes by some kind of genie, djinn, efreet, devil, crossroads demon, or other supernatural being of choice, spare a moment to consider the following option.

Wishes one and two, do with what thou whilt. The power of flight, great wealth, fame, popularity, shiny house, emperor of all you survey, mind bullets, whatever… However, for wish number three, the final chance (disregarding any potential ‘I wish for three more wishes’-style loopholes here for argument’s sake) to make your mildest or wildest dreams come true, conversation took a turn for the infinitely better whilst in Amsterdam. Now, we had been playing a fair amount of Yahtzee over the course of our holiday, in cafes, bars and even at the airport, and it soon became apparent how fantastically addictive in all its simplicity the game is (supplemented with outrageous accents, all the better).


The bottom line is this:
You obviously use one wish to have a regular Yahtzee evening with a selection of celebrities, most notably Lil’ Jon. Just imagine it… if he didn’t get much (What?!), Full House (Okay!), Yahtzee (Yeah!) and you could have say, a biweekly yahtzee evening? For the rest of time.

Other guests we considered basically turned out to be Mr T, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith and T Pain. Specifically only if they spoke like B. A. Baracus, Jules from Pulp Fiction, the Fresh Prince, and through a vocoder/auto-tune all the time (respectively).

You could probably work some sort of clause into the wish contract by which you could rotate which guests come each night, but quite honestly – why would you?


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