I have had a stinking cold today and been largely unable to concentrate on anything properly for a while. So, to fill some space interestingly, here is a collection of things that have come to my attention in the last few days:

First of all, from Thursday just gone (the 16th) until next Sunday the 26th, it is the 30th Cambridge Film Festival. I’m trying to get to a few showings this year, though won’t be able to wing as many as I’d like to with a lot of the very good stuff being on late at night and due to other commitments next week such as recording, but I would highly recommend picking up a schedule. They are showing a bunch of Roy Andersson films and a collection of shorts (I love Du Levande something fierce), and there’s a few Del Toro films on as well, to name a couple of the excellent directors and their work being shown. Some of the documentaries like Beijing Punk look pretty good as well. I would recommend this to everyone.

Secondly, I have been checking out the GURPS roleplaying system which I have known of for some time, but only just really getting acquainted with. Doing everything on the same 3D6 seems interesting, certainly be easier to track everybody’s attributes and everything if it’s all based on the points system. We’re considering running some sort of steampunk-themed campaign with it to see how it works out (as one of the main benefits of GURPS appears to be that it is transferable to any historical, fantasy or sci-fi setting that you can think up). Going to see how it works out, and will write up a little more about it soon.

Everyone is John is an awesome competitive and humorous roleplaying game courtesy of Sandor at the Zoo. They have a bunch of cool little games, and a number of D20 systems for specific things – like fencing! This is one of their mini RPGs and is basically the story of John and the many Voices in his head. Each player is one of these voices and each voice vies for control of John, trying to get him to achieve as many of their own secret agendas in a given period of time as possible. The GM is ‘Everyone Else’ and keeps some vague semblance of order on the schizophrenic little adventure. Good fun.

 Finally, a very special shout out to Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon, the made for TV movie which my brother just made me sit through. What an awful, awful film. Though it may have been impressive given that it cost under £20 to make. Or looks like it…

Class act.


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