Elitism and its Many Guises.

In a world where no one’s really sure about Die Antwoord and whether the joke is funny or the music is good, there’s a popular song where the only lyrics appear to be ‘Are you gunna bang doe?’ despite being performed by a man who looks like he’s never held hands with a female, and my interest in music as a whole is waning – something needs to stir things up. I’ve listened to more Cyndi Lauper in the last few weeks than anything else.

I play in a post-rock band, and I like a lot of post-rock and post-metal music, in fact at one point I would have classed it as my favourite style of music. Some of the albums I see as key to the success of that genre will always rank amongst my favourite (Jesu’s self-titled album, for example, is pretty much untouchable). However, so many of the bands within this genre seem to have stagnated, and even at a glorious peak stagnation just isn’t good enough.

So, whilst I wait out the next 10 years until Cult of Luna have enough AMAZING songs to fill a ‘Best Of…’ I suggest we all take a listen to this and think about all the music we love that’s slow, glacial, epic, moving, haunting, ethereal (whatever the sticky phrase is in the music press currently) and think about whether Justin Bieber is in fact the best post-rock band of our time:


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