Eternal Questions, pt.2

I didn’t include my sideboard last time so that I would have more room to talk about it here. 

1 Extirpate
2 Firespout
1 Grim Lavamancer
2 Krosan Grip
1 Llawan, Cephalid Empress
3 Perish
1 Pithing Needle
2 Tormod’s Crypt
1 Trygon Predator
1 Wipe Away 

So, most of the choices are fairly straightforward with three pieces of dredge hate, five mini-wraths, three pieces of artifact/enchantment removal, Llawan for merfolk, then Needle, Lavamancer and bounce for value. I never sided Llawan in, but everything else came in at least once. I’m not completely sold on Wipe Away, but I guess as a catch-all it’s fine. The Predator should probably have just been in my maindeck all day, and Lavamancer was always excellent for me. 


Round 3:
My round 3 opponent was playing mono-red Goblins, a deck that I would have considered to be fairly well positioned (or at least a version of Goblins, probably R/B) going into this particular tournament. I think his name was something like Marcjin (?) but I don’t know for sure because he quite grumpily told me to just call him Martin and to not hate on his grasp of the English language. This dude had definitely come off the back of a pretty awful round, as his EV was through the floor. Game 1, I’ve got him scooping whilst at 18 life, as I had simply countered or killed all of his dudes, whilst taking very little damage myself. I’m pretty sure I end-of-his-t2 shot his Lackey and Matron with Fire. Something daft. Game 2 he got a much more typical draw for goblins, and I foolishly decided to hold my Firespout for one more turn to get value. He obviously ripped Ringleader into a pair of Piledrivers and a Warchief, with just enough to play all of them and killed me first. Game 3 he kept a terrible hand with two Relic of Progenitus that he’d sided in to shrink my Goyfs and Mongeese, a Jitte, one mountain and apparently not a lot else. He spent the first few turns eating every odd card that went to my graveyard before popping both Relics and still doing nothing. I remember letting Jitte resolve as I just had so much gas from a t2 Dark Confidant that I had nothing to worry about. He scooped on 9 life to my 11 (all damage from Bob and Fetches).
Win 2-1 (2-1, 4-3) 




(As a quick aside, there’s a series of photos from this match up on Facebook. Apparently, I have the same face in EVERY SINGLE ONE and never ever show any kind of emotion, whatsoever) 

Round 4:
I was playing against a guy called Stephen with UBG Control (with Standstill, Pernicious Deed and Jace – it’s a lovely deck), and I got the god hand game 1 as on his turn two I cracked both of my fetchlands in response to his cracking of his two in order to Stifle both triggers. I then untapped and laid a Wasteland in addition to my two duals opposing his zero lands, and played a Dark Confidant with Daze, Force of Will and another blue card (Ponder, I think) in hand. Pretty darn good …and then I missed a Dark Confidant trigger. Idiot. One brief Judge ruling later (put the trigger on the stack after my draw, as we hadn’t gone any further) and the game ended pretty swiftly. He got Life from the Loam going to get some lands back but was never really in it.
Game 2 was a strange affair as we traded a lot of early counterspells and disruption until the game state was his Jace, the Mind Sculptor versus my 4/5 (and later 5/4) Tarmogoyf. And after hitting Jace once, thinking he would use Jace’s -1 ability, he instead fatesealed me. And then he started to use the brainstorm ability every turn, as I took chunks out my opponent’s life total. Eventually, he took a last draw and conceded as he had not found the submerge he was looking for, as he showed me a hand full of counterspells (I literally had played draw, swing, go for four turns). I was obviously chuffed with this but was just left wondering why he didn’t bounce my Goyf with Jace?
Win 2-0 (3-1, 6-3) 

Round 5:
The dreaded worst matchup – Zoo, but I don’t have anything written down for my opponent’s name (sorry). So, quite unbelievably I actually won Game 1, as the deck did exactly what it was supposed to, in exactly the right mix. Early mana denial, followed by a cheap beater, backed up with relevant counters and removal at the right times. Game 2 he had a Zoo.dec game, basically. T1 Nacatl, t2 Pridemage, t3 Goyf and Bolt, t4 Goyf, Path, Bolt. Really. Game 3 is a long drawn out affair as I use a Perish to good effect to clear most of his gas, and we basically trade dude for removal each way for a bunch of turns. It gets to the point where he has a couple of cards in hand, a Nacatl on board and is on 3 life. I’m on 6 with a Mongoose (with threshold), nothing else really relevant in hand and am on 6 life. Long story short, he attacks. I tank and decide I don’t want to die to Bolt, and so chump. He admits it was a bluff and has nothing to follow up with. Shit. Cue a few more turns of basically draw go on each of our part, before he eventually lands a dude and has a path for my Clique that I flash in to remove any burn he may have in hand. 
Lose 1-2 (3-2, 7-5) 

As previously mentioned, I ended up within the prizes on 9 points, fairly disappointed that I had lost the pivotal last match. Nevertheless, it was fun to play some Legacy against a wider range of decks than I have had the chance to so far, as the area is not currently great for the format, though I’m hoping to stir up some interest very soon. 

Finally, just a little shout out to Joe Brown, previously part of our group at Inner Sanctum Collectibles, as congratulations are in order. He has taken down the Hadley Vintage Grudge Match and then the Mana Drain Open in quick succession, placing first at both and winning himself a second Black Lotus in the process. Will try to get a decklist from him sometime soon. Much respect.


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