We have had to pull out of this coming Saturday’s gig at Club 85 due to half of the band being regrettably unavailable. I thoroughly recommend that everyone still go to this show as it will be brilliant (plus myself and Mark may yet be DJ-ing). In more positive news, I’m proud to announce the new forthcoming release from The Wound Man – Horrorist

  1. Abhor the Glitch
  2. The Will to Conquer
  3. Cold Summer
  4. Sublimation of the Veil
  5. Thrones to Reign
  6. Simulacrum

It’s a big cliché that every metal band’s latest release is more melodic, heavier, more technical, more extreme, more everything all at once than the last one. Difference is, with this release we mean it. This is partly it’s because we had so far to come from Ascetics which was very, very basic, and partly because the involvement of the other guys this time round, and the amount of time we have to prepare is far greater. No more writing, learning and recording an EP in 24 hours studio time over three days for us.

By the above statement, I mean that this release has melodic vocals, more technical instrumentation, better programming, more structured parts and will also be about a million times more brutal. Thematically, I don’t think it’s straying too far from the first EP. There are songs about Genghis Khan and Nietzsche, mereological nihilism (I truly love it), fallen ophanim and the apocalypse. All dressed up with the prerequisite amount of bile. No songs named after wrestlers this time though.

I am entering discussions with a very good artist at the moment to produce us some gorgeous artwork that I feel encapsulates the ideas behind the record perfectly – suffice to say it will be quite Lovecraftian. Look out for a bonus preview track sometime soon that we recorded in preparation for the cancelled gig – it’s pretty special.


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