I have remembered why I found industrial music so vital when I first discovered its existence. Seriously, if you do a single thing that I suggest on this blog (though I’d rather you read something from the list as well) then forget everything that ever got termed industrial (particularly with the suffix -metal) and check out some of this music. Yes, at times it is very clunky, and a bit pastiche, and sometimes even the most vital artists get it very wrong. But there honestly is something in there that I don’t find in any other music.

Now seems as apt a time as any to make some more project announcements:

  1. I am currently writing music for my first (properly) solo release Ornithology, Vol. 1 which will be produced under a moniker not-yet-decided. It will hopefully be a true reflection of all the myriad artists that I have listened to since first finding a joy in music, and as such will not be forced into any particular genre (though it is important to note that it will, of course, feature plenty of noise). Confirmed track titles so far are They Show Their Love and Pontius Pilate.
  2. Diath are active once more. We appear to have settled into a set-up most fitting given our past endeavours, that will still allow room for all of the things we want to achieve – twin bass guitars + machines. The element of friend participation will almost undoubtably still feature. We intend to start writing new material, for the first time in some years now, within the next few months and have already been looking back to the Murder of Crows release as a starting point. Live aktions may follow.

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