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Weenie Pile

(I have really fallen off the bandwagon with this here blogging malarkey recently, but I do have a few things I want to write about, and this will be the first of them.)


It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the Halloween Games Day that always follows the October big set release, which this year was of course Scars of Mirrodin. I have had a fair amount of success with the Games Day events that I have played previously, Top 8’ing the first couple, winning the Worldwake one with Runeflare Trap.dec, but then unfortunately having to sit a few out due to work commitments. This time I’m free though, and I’m back to reclaim my title! True to form, I am playing anything but a Tier 1 deck (previously, I have played W/R ‘Spanish Inquisition’ Control, Luminarch Ascension and the aforementioned U/R Runeflare Trap combo). To continue in the theme of fun and spicy, but ultimately kind of awful decks, and to also play an aggro deck for once, I’m taking this on Sunday:

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Little Toy Soldiers

I finally came through on my promise to Barrett of joining in with his WWII tabletop miniatures wargame. I’ve been saying for weeks and weeks now that I would do so, and yesterday I made my first purchase. I got my bad self one of these:

Well, not actually a real one – it probably wouldn’t fit on the board, no matter how far apart I space the trees and hills. Instead I purchased one of these badboys. I might try to post some stages of construction and painting if it takes my fancy.

Much more sensible.
Or, at least, more sensible than the current working title of the game:

Battlewar: Warbattles

Yeah, he needs to fix that. Check out his progress over here.


We’re on a bridge Charlie…

I honestly don’t know how this could be any more win.

Charlie the Unicorn → Dubstep Remix → Profit?


(I still prefer the nine-point system)

Here’s a sweet little article ‘on the omnipresence of evil’ written by Dave Hunt, from one of my favourite bands Anaal Nathrakh, over on the Damnation Festival website: – It’s the one entitled ‘Introduction by Damnation’s Godfather’. I remember studying the Stanford Prison Experiment by Zimbardo and the Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures (to see if the hypothetical idea of a modern holocaust in America would find any people willing to perpetrate such terrible acts if acting under orders, despite many people’s’ claims to the contrary) for A-level Psychology. Really interesting, shocking and revealing stuff – and also very important.

Here is the video that Hunt mentions in the post, reproduced here for your convenience, that I would recommend you watch beforehand. Try to get past the fact that Zimbardo seems very rushed in this video and a little hyper – you may have to use the pause button once or twice. Finally, please be aware that the video contains images of real, graphic violence.

p.s. I also heard that recording for the next Anaal Nathrakh album started last week. Can. Not. Wait.

Playing Scar’ds

So, I did the first of hopefully many Scars of Mirrodin drafts at Inner Sanctum Collectibles the other night and wanted to write a little bit about the choices I made, and how they’re informing my Games Day brewing. Pack one, pick one was the first decisive moment of the draft: Myrsmith over Contagion Clasp. Probably a strictly incorrect pick, but I went on the gambit – one card obviously a very solid first pick, that will always be good; one that has the potential to be busted. Thankfully, it all worked out, as I ended up with this list:

David Tennant is a planeswalker. Lol.

2 Glint Hawk
1 Myrsmith
2 Trinket Mage
1 Vulshok Replica
1 Gold Myr
1 Silver Myr
1 Sunspear Shikari
1 Neurok Invisimancer
2 Ghalma’s Warden
1 Lumengrid Drake
1 Razor Hippogriff
1 Glint Hawk Idol
1 Venser, the Sojourner
2 Revoke Existence
2 Infiltration Lens
1 Accorder’s Shield
1 Flight Spellbomb
1 Sylvok Lifestaff
8 Plains
7 Island
2 Mountain

(The Venser I opened in Pack 2 was obviously the second decisive moment of the draft.)
The drafting process and the games I played afterwards taught me quite a few useful lessons, especially as I had only really gone for it because it was new and I really wanted to draft – not because the set as a whole, individual cards or potential money rares actually appealed very much. Here’s what I learned…

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So relieved that I’m not Darius…

By which I mean to say, I took this online colour hue test and got a score of 0 (i.e. perfect). Interesting stuff, have a stab at it over here. But seriously though, there’s self-actualisation (and a degree of confidence and assertiveness is obviously required in ‘show business’, which apparently has no rival) and then there’s being a bit of a tit. Sorry mate.

The Master and Margarita

It is a really well-known book, I swear…

Manuscripts don’t burn.

Now, I say that because it turns out that what I thought was a very famous novel, a classic of 20th century literature, was in fact not a name (title or author) recognised by 3/4 of my immediate family and they’re an intelligent, well-read group of people. On the other hand, some of my close friends rated it in their Top 10 or even Top 5 books of all time. I had obviously got the wrong end of the stick in regards to the prominence of this book in the public eye, but I do not believe that I underestimated the importance of Bulgakov’s masterpiece, inspired by Gogol and Dostoyevsky, the legend of Faust and life in communist Russia…

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