(I still prefer the nine-point system)

Here’s a sweet little article ‘on the omnipresence of evil’ written by Dave Hunt, from one of my favourite bands Anaal Nathrakh, over on the Damnation Festival website: – It’s the one entitled ‘Introduction by Damnation’s Godfather’. I remember studying the Stanford Prison Experiment by Zimbardo and the Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures (to see if the hypothetical idea of a modern holocaust in America would find any people willing to perpetrate such terrible acts if acting under orders, despite many people’s’ claims to the contrary) for A-level Psychology. Really interesting, shocking and revealing stuff – and also very important.

Here is the video that Hunt mentions in the post, reproduced here for your convenience, that I would recommend you watch beforehand. Try to get past the fact that Zimbardo seems very rushed in this video and a little hyper – you may have to use the pause button once or twice. Finally, please be aware that the video contains images of real, graphic violence.

p.s. I also heard that recording for the next Anaal Nathrakh album started last week. Can. Not. Wait.


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