Robots and Radios

I have nothing of any great worth to talk about today, but here’s a pair of interesting videos. One is an updated version of a video included within my current engineering course with the Open university, of a pack mule-style robot developed by Boston Dynamics. This thing has a very unusual gait, and is perhaps a little creepy, but it’s also fascinating how well it regains its own balance whilst slipping on ice, climbing hills, even when given a hefty boot, etc. If you look around on the ‘Tube, you can also find videos of it on the beach and wading in the sea, which is kind of cute. Then they stuck horns on the front and played matador with it, which is kind of retarded.

The noise that thing made was admittedly somewhat annoying. Here is some noise that many would also find annoying (props to Dan Clough for posting this to Facespace originally, from whence I stole it). This is Tetsuo Kogawa with some live ‘radio art’ – noisy.

The only other thing to mention is to check out the links in the sidebar (both old and new) as I am lucky enough to include some very intelligent and interesting people amongst my friends.


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