The Intersection

This post title was originally about something completely different, but then I canned the idea and decided to just post some things that I have heard said or have read.

I just went out in the rain to get tin foil to roast a vegetarian haggis while listening to Shostakovich.

Life is an interesting beast.

I don’t really know whether to attribute these quotations to the relevant people, or whether it’s more important to conceal the identity of the speakers in question.

Depends on the context of the horse.

It’s been a pretty grim week, one way or another, I’m glad it’s the weekend but my brain is like a finely mushed grey soup. These semi-entertaining snippets will have to suffice.

Overkill enough.

Maybe you can invent a game around them: trying to fathom the context in which they were said, or perhaps imagining the speaker themselves.

Grim dark grimness shrouded in never ending darkness is grim, and in the 41st Millenium, there is only war.

Okay, that one obviously references Warhammer 40,000. Anyway I’m already boring myself with this rather insipid display of laziness. Here’s something I already knew but perhaps you don’t: the Portugese Man’o’War isn’t one creature, but a colony of four different types of living thing. Awesome.

No, I have no god damn idea either...


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