Anthrax, Ham Radio and Liquor

Let's go Titans!

About a week or so ago, my friends started to make plans for the Super Bowl. I watched it the last couple of years, but I’ve never really been into American Football, as I often ended up (very vocally) defending the honour of  good old English rugby in the ‘which is more manly’ argument that crops up inevitably every few months in the pub. Anyway, I was told that basically I had to pick a team to support and stick to it, and I ended up plumping for the Tennessee Titans for a number of reasons.

  1. They’re from Tennessee and this means Jack Daniels. And I like Jack Daniels.
  2. My idea of watching NFL involvs wearing a Trojan helmet and getting ruined – the Greek mythology link is just about there.
  3. Boston don’t have a team (I’m from Boston in England, and the Dropkicks are from there – they’d have the best team songs).

Seeing as this post is about my adoption of the Tennessee Titans as my American football team of choice, you may be wondering why I have a lyric from the New England band Clutch as the title. But they have a song with the lyric, ‘I’m going back to Tennessee,’ and as such they will no doubt get played pretty loudly when I’m in the spirit. In terms of musical acts actually from Tennessee it seems I have to accept Whitechapel, which pains me, but I do get Today is the Day, who are noisy. I guess I can accept Paramore on the odd day, but I certainly will not accept Kings of Leon. Be Your Own Pet are fine… but really the catch here is Charlie Daniels.

Country music for the win.

Expect to see me rocking out like this hero


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