Viva la Resolution

(We haven’t had our New Year Resolutions yet, I know, so you’ll just have to play along…)

Regular readers may have seen my post a while back resolving to make this year the one in which I finally bring some musical projects to (hopefully glorious) fruition. There will be a new There Were Bears record soon, and as previously alluded to I’m working on some personal projects, reigniting some old ones and beginning a new collaboration or two (more on that soon). The same then goes for the writing, though I’ve been a bit more productive generally with that.

I hope to have a proper full first draft of City House completed this year, as well as make a decent start on The Tower, which has been sat in half-sentences and fragments of ideas in word documents and notebooks for the best part of two years now. Before either of those though, I’m working on a short story entitled Egregore that I am intending to put through a gauntlet of magazine submissions editors (each more fearsome than the last). We shall see if I actually have any success.

Finally I’ve already begun to crack on with the 2011 Reading List (which will appear in a more finalised form next week) and progressively the City House manuscript is subsuming ever more of other people’s works into its pages…

Mugwump - and what?


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