Getting the party back together

D&D A-Go-Go!

A Minotaur, obv

That’s right – the original ¡Lados oñ touros! are back together once more! We didn’t get much done on the first night (seeing as how we were short a member, nonamesmentionedJenni) but here’s the plan…

So, to start at the beginning as is the norm, a couple of weeks ago Barrett IM’d me announcing his intention to start up a brand new campaign in a realm fairly analogous to your regular D&D setting but with some important differences largely based on timeline. See, in his realm we’ll be starting in the equivalent of the Dark Ages, with technology at a minimum and long before the establishment of the major gods usually associated with D&D. In this history, the Eladrin were the first race and were largely wiped out in a war with the Dwarves before disappearing – the remnants splitting into Elves and Drow. Magic itself is also in its infancy at this point in the timeline, and as such our characters will be largely limited to the Primal and Martial classes. The major twist here is that when some of our party go away to Uni again or whatever, we will simply ‘jump’ to another point in the history of this realm. (And if the fledgling cult of, say, Pelor is eradicated by our Dark Age characters, then Pelor won’t exist as a god in the future – pretty sexy). 

The Arch Drude

I had originally intended with these restrictions in mind (and I don’t mean that in a negative way, I like working within very specific frameworks sometimes) to plump for a Human Druid character, based obviously upon the Arch Drude himself, Julian Cope (see above). What a hero.

However, after some clarification on which races were and were not commonly found on Barrett’s new realm, it turns out that actually minotaurs were still A-OK. That’s right kiddies, it’s the long overdue debut of Bjorkus the Barbarian. I was quite excited for this char the first time round, but now there have been a number of significant changes to his level, stats, background, personality, etc. and it’s pretty refreshing. Seeing as how we actually rolled our skills this time round rather than spending the points, Bjorkus ended up with Cha 7. This is not very high, in all honesty. However, rather than go down the route of simply accepting that my character is an impetuous young bull who often comes across as a bit of a dick, after some encouragement from the DM, we settled on the idea that actually he is acutely and painfully shy.

Swims through awkward silences...

This should lead to some interesting roleplaying, and balancing the idea of a relatively feral young tribesman bred for war, with that of an unbelievably socially awkward adolescent. (It will also help distance Bjorkus from my previous character Sumulael, who often appeared to pull dick moves despite not intending to do so at all – he was simply highly focused on bringing forth whatever indescribable entity he claimed was his deity, often to the exclusion of earthly concerns, and was at the end of the day just a little unhinged.) Either way, score 1 for the minotaur barbarians!

Break into song…

A wizard’s staff has a knob on the end, knob on the end, knob on the end…


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