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L-R: Nyarlathotep, Elder Joy, Penguins of Leng and Truffle Over Innsmouth

So, you can buy Lovecraftian truffles… Isn’t the internet a wonderful place? This collection is the Choconomicon, contains two of each of the above chocolates, will set you back about £12 and you can find out more over here. Gribble gribble.



Yesterday I submitted what should be my final ever piece of work for my degree with the Open University. It’s been nearly four-and-a-half years, and it hasn’t quite sunk in that I now have a huge weight off my shoulders and a decent qualification, a real-life quantifiable achievement will be mine (barring some catastrophic fail on my part – best not tempt fate). Anyway, I thought I’d post something to mark the fact and tried to find a song that was halfway related. I got as far as Graduation Day by Head Automatica, and about five seconds into the song before realising that I hate it, and it depresses me that one of the best frontmen of all time is involved with… that. And this isn’t a slander against Head Automatica; indeed I believe Graduation Day to have just been a massive blip -unlike hits such as Beating Hearts Baby which tickle my electric-goo fizzing polyp of pop-tastic erogenous zone in just the right place.

I still cannot wait for the new GJ album if it ever drops. It’s painful waiting now.

P.s. In case you’re wondering, I would whole-heartedly recommend studying through the OU to absolutely anyone – fantastic stuff.

Maverick Modding

My disassembled Maverick

Here is the first installment of in-progress shots as I modify my Nerf N-Strike Maverick – against the background of my shiny new gaming mat. Obviously I haven’t done much other than take it apart at the moment – although that itself took some doing and I required the respective assistance and tools of Barrett and Dave for the task (cheers fellas). Now, all Nerf guns that I have seen recently have carried the same safety precaution written on the side (it’s a bugger to file off smoothly, believe me):

To avoid injury: Use only darts designed for this product. Do not modify darts or dart blaster.

I don’t know about injury, but I certainly know about frustration. The screws are sunk quite deep into the plastic casing and through a combination of £1 screwdriver kits and my ill-contained eagerness to get started I did manage to complete ruin the heads of a couple of them before I could get them out. This meant prying the two halves apart and just hoping that nothing snapped. It also means that one or two screws definitely aren’t going back in, but this is fine since I intend to use modelling putty to cover all the unseemly screws, etc.

Next step: Filing down the catch on the hinge holding the barrels to the gun for maximum loading potential.

Day 30

One Final Moment

Well, there was this one time, in Minehead…

A sound that will haunt my dreams for as long as I live.

Day 29

Your Aspirations

I have numerous aspirations in life; for this week; for the rest of the weekend, even. I think I may have mentioned this before on the blog, but really one day I’d love to grow up to be a writer and musician. There’s actually nothing that interests or motivates me so much as being creative and trying out new possibilities. I’ve had a pretty good first month to this year, with some nice little projects on the way (and more to come!) but I would love to make the leap.

A friend of mine recently informed the world of FaceSpace that he joined Psychic TV the other night, as through mutual friends he knows Genesis P-Orridge. This is obviously incredibly cool, and I’m so pleased for him, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a touch envious. It would certainly be nice to be afforded such a opporutnity; such a foot up the ladder, as it were.Still, you don’t get those kind of breaks without working for them.

I guess at the end of the day the one thing I really aspire to be is a happy person, with those who I love around me. Music and writing will always be a part of my life and if I catch a break someday, I’ll be over the moon, but I’m not kidding myself. There is real life to worry about, too.

B flat… Palm mute the D

Here’s something pretty special I saw on Stephen O’Malley’s blog:

One Little Zombie

A gift from my sweetheart.

Welcome to my blog.

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