30 Days Later (quite gay)

Happy New Year to any and all readers. Apparently, this was something that did the rounds on Tumblr recently. Whilst I’m not usually a fan of this sort of thing, I really want to keep this blog an active place this year and so I’m going to give it a try for this month. I brazenly stole it from Laura =)


Day 01 – introduce yourself.
Day 02 – your first love.
Day 03 – your parents.
Day 04 – what you ate today.
Day 05 – your definition of love.
Day 06 – your day.
Day 07 – your best friend.
Day 08 – a moment.
Day 09 – your beliefs.
Day 10 – what you wore today.
Day 11 – your siblings.
Day 12 – what’s in your bag.
Day 13 – this week.
Day 14 – what you wore today.
Day 15 – your dreams.
Day 16 – your first kiss.
Day 17 – your favourite memory.
Day 18 – your favourite birthday.
Day 19 – something you regret.
Day 20 – this month.
Day 21 – another moment.
Day 22 – something that upsets you.
Day 23 – something that makes you feel better.
Day 24 – something that makes you cry.
Day 25 – a first.
Day 26 – your fears.
Day 27 – your favourite place.
Day 28 – something you miss.
Day 29 – your aspirations.
Day 30 – one last moment.

On the 31st day, I shall rest. This post with added Swamp Thing for value.


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