Day 01

Not me.

Introduce Yourself

Thus reads the first commandment, and I shall endeavour to comply:

My name is David Simmons, 22 years old and soon to be a graduate of the Open University, with whom I have studied whilst working variously in care and education since I left 6th Form. I like to pretend that I’m a musician and a writer, and when I grow up I want to be a musician and a writer. My main interests in life are:

  • Laura (my girlfriend of 3 years, -2 days, coincidentally also my best friend)
  • Books (hence the now annual reading list to which I try to adhere, and my attempts to write one myself)
  • Music (being on both sides of the playing is great, I have high hopes for this year)
  • Gaming (less video games, or at least those that came out after 1997 anyway, more board/card/dice/roleplaying/etc.)
  • Geeking out (films, comic books, designer toys, cartoons, tv shows, etc., etc.)
  • Spicy food (what can I say, I love spicy food more than any other and would happily spice up every meal if allowed)
  • My mates (and associated pubbing / other good times – I do like a drink now and again)

In fact, that’s probably all of my interests in life, good stuff. This whole talking about yourself thing is kinda awkward, so now I will stop.


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