Day 02

Man up, caterpillar.

Your First Love

Long before there were girls (one girl in particular, obviously) to worry about, before all my other interests, before gaming, before even music there were… Books!

I remember being told off when I was quite young for reading books under my covers with a torch, hours after I should have been asleep – now no one can stop me bwahaha! One of the first authors I can remember reading as a small child was Enid Blyton – Famous Five and Secret Seven (in retrospect, I can imagine the inkling of the superhero team developing here). Later on came Terry Pratchett and my well-documented love of the Fighting Fantasy series of books. But before either of these, and this will surprise no one I’m sure, there was the Hobbit. What a fantastic book… As always, I am approaching the big screen makeover with a degree of trepidation.

Finally, some people I know got shiny new Kindles for Christmas and asked if  I would like to have one myself. And I must admit that access to a potentially unreadable number of books on a tiny little slim gadget does seem pretty Star Trek (read: cool). However, I really like physically owning a book, feeling like you have something special in your hands, and any number of other cheesier clichés… But the point still stands. When I grow up I want to have a library.


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