Day 03

This diagram is basically the abridged version of my conception.

Your Parents

Ah, so here’s where this 30 days thing gets awkward (I sidestepped yesterday much more deftly than Laura did). Essentially, I am lucky enough to have both of my parents alive and well, they’re good people and work jolly hard. If you want proof of this and are more results orientated than I am, you might want to look to my brother and sister, however. Joking aside, they’ve always supported me in all the weird things that I like and no longer bat an eyelid when, for example this Christmas just gone, I asked for a CD by a band called Extreme Noise Terror and a book called Naked Lunch (which I’m sure they must have read the blurb of before wrapping it). All-in-all very tolerant people. I won’t say that we’ve never clashed, but in recent times we’ve been getting on better than ever before – the awkward teenage years are over (the awkward teenage years of waking up in the wrong town covered in blood after a night’s heavy drinking when I was about 16, for example – they took it pretty well). Much love and respect to Anita and Kevin, my parents.

P.S. Just to clarify, my parents (and I) are resolutely human. Don’t believe everything you read / see on the internet in brightly-coloured Venn diagrams.


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