The ‘N’ Word

Nerf, the word is Nerf!

So, Laura suggested to me that what we should really, really do is modify Nerf guns. she was inspired by this picture (ignore the grammar):


This sounded like a pretty sweet idea to me (another project to add to the ever-expanding list) and an excuse to make some awesome steampunk mods to a favourite toy. That we’d be doing them steampunk-style never really came up as a question. And if they turn out halfway decent, they might even get used in some of Laura’s future shoots.

If I can make anything half this good...

It turns out that on sites like DeviantArt, amongst others, there are an awful lot of these Nerf gun mods knocking about. As I was completely oblivious (despite having spent some time looking for steampunk-style gun props in the past) I decided to do a little research and completely by chance stumbled upon an awesome webcomic over at Highly recommended.

Czech it out.

 As soon as we get to work on them, I’ll post some pictures. Good times.


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