Day 08

The Team ISC Mo Squad 2010

A Moment

(A little bit belated…) Pretty open-ended topic, I like it a little more than some of these others so far. As far as a moment goes, I’ll go with a fairly recent one – Laura’s 21st birthday party at the Black Horse in our tiny out-in-the-sticks village of Melbourn. Aside: It’s a nice pub, with nice people.

Now it just so happened that, Laura’s birthday being on the 1st of December, that her party fell on the last weekend of November. Or for myself and the rest of Team ISC (Graham, Barrett and Sean) what was actually Movember. If you’re not sure what that is then check this out: We managed to raise nearly £500 and this was the first time since about week 1 that all four of us had been in the same room together, with our Mos resplendent. Aside 2: Yes, Barrett deliberately went for the sex pest look.

It was pretty glorious. However, the specific moment I’m thinking of has nothing to do with our finely groomed upper lips, but everything to do with Laura’s choice of party music for the event. She pays for the premium version of Spotify, which I must say is a hell of a lot better than I thought it would be with a pretty reasonable selection. It’s obviously also a great tool for parties when you can load it up on your iPod, plug it into the pub sound system and get down to a mix of Katy Perry, Abba, Kansas, Dio, the Dropkicks and… Men in Hats. Yes, the Safety Dance came on at a point in the evening where we were all fairly drunk (see below).

Starfish love you!

So we did the Safety Dance… or at least our own Safety Dance: take off your pants and look at your hands. Awkwardly. For as long as possible with no other real movement. Suffice to say we got told to ‘try to keep our trousers on’ by the bar staff. Good times!


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