Day 09

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Your Beliefs

Again, a fairly open topic with a potential for some controversy (as Laura mentioned on her Day 09). Here’s a bit of a selection box of potential answers:

  • First up, not Cthulhu. Not really. Sort of like not Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny either. I do believe in Chuck Norris.
  • Alien life forms though, in some form, almost certainly. Not in the little grey men / government conspiracy way though. It just seems immensely ignorant and in some way arrogant, to assume that in the untold vastness of the universe ours is the only planet capable of sustaining any kind of life even if it is only bacterial.
  • In terms of religion, I was raised Catholic as my mum is (though my dad isn’t religious in any way really) and through the Catholic primary and secondary school that I went to. When I go to a service, rarely nowadays, it would be at a Catholic church and I would nominally say that was my denomination of choice. However, I do have some issues with organised religion as a whole, and so might simply state that I am Christian and hold a belief in a Christian god. I have a lot of atheist friends and I respect their beliefs – and they do the same for me.
  • Not that it requires any sort of belief what with it being scientific fact and all, but following on from a point about religion, I would like to clarify that I ‘believe’ in evolution. It is pretty obviously how life on our planet developed. And as it happens I do not see any inherent contradiction in these points. There are however clear contradictions between the two creation stories in the bible as they are fundamentally different accounts – this is because they are allegorical tools, not literal history.
  • Finally, one thing that I very definitely believe in is myself (insert cheesy hardcore lyrics about seizing the day / standing up for yourself here) and my ability to achieve anything that I put my mind to. This applies to every other person on this planet as well. This year I intend to prove it as much as I can. Carpe jugulum, suckers.

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