Day 13

Picked this up today, also.

Your Week

If I were to summarise my week in one word it would be ‘busy,’ as we have been incredibly active this week and it ain’t over yet. I’m doing a lot of overtime at work this week, and so far we have been out (and so far intend to be out) every night as well. Monday we finally got a chance to go round to Chris and Lucy’s (and for a short time, also Lucy’s) place which was very nice and it was cool to just chill with those guys. Night shifts are hell for socialising. Tuesday night we went to our usual draft night at Inner Sanctum Collectibles, though I did not draft. Did manage to spend a little time playtesting for the PTQ though, and also bought some stuff (I got D100s for the Call of Cthulhu game I intend to run soon, and Laura bought Gloom). Yesterday, Laura and I ate like champions for lunch as we had steak baguettes with some homebrew chipotle/onion/peppers/tomato paste and then we gave Gloom a try – my snap rating is that it’s pretty good, but a definite multiplayer game and probably a lot better with the expansions. Tonight we might be heading over to Inner Sanctum yet again, and tomorrow is Barrett’s birthday drinks from sometime in the afternoon. Saturday is the aforementioned PTQ (and hopefully a night in) before the christening of Naomi, the daughter of our friends Ryan and Nikki. It’s also my Dad’s birthday on Sunday so we’ll probably be doing something for that in the evening. In the meantime this week I manged to finish The Crying of Lot 49 and start Slaughterhouse 5 (both excellent) and start playtesting on my new dice game – more on this to come soon.



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