Day 15

Need to get my hands on one of these IRL

Your Dreams

This actually seems a fairly apt day for this particular topic to come up, as I went and had a stab at the Cambridge PTQ for Nagoya, stupidly losing my third match and dropping – dream crush. The day started out OK, but the deck apparently has serious problems with Jund (and all the hyper-aggressive builds of it that I faced today). The control and ‘combo’ match-ups were extremely positive, as expected, and I didn’t play against Faeries all day, so I guess I’ll never know.

So, yes, one dream I could have listed would have been qualifying for the Pro Tour – but there’s still the rest of the year for that. Also, in my list of dreams it doesn’t rank that highly – if we’re taking dreams to mean hopes and aspirations, that sort of thing. Then it would be the perhaps mundane things of wanting to get my own house, to be able to afford a good standard of living off my own back, etc. coupled with the decidedly more grandiose designs of pretending that I am a musician and a writer. Time (and sufficient effort, I believe) will tell.

As far as dreams in the sense of REM sleep and things your mind produces whilst you’re asleep goes: I have a giant reptile motif that pops up fairly regularly and when I was younger I had a recurring nightmare in which a giant face in black and white just got continuously closer and closer, into pixellated nothing but somehow still kept coming, like a loop, accompanied by a snippet of sound like half a word, or half a syllable maybe, that got progressively (unbearably) loud. That was odd.


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