Maximum Volume Yields Maximum Goats

Whilst we’re waiting to get our Nerf guns and do some sweet modifications, I have decided recently to get my hand back in with some modelling. This has included finally starting my World War II miniatures (mainly Airfix and Revell) for what was originally going to be Barrett’s own game design. Since then, supplemented by much grumbling about the finer intricacies of army lists, he decided to audible to I Ain’t Been Shot Mum instead. This is the system produced by Too Fat Lardies, who basically seem to design fantastic games with the exact sense of humour that we would use in our own (naming suggestions include the french officer Visage du Vache, for example) and we’re looking forward to getting some games in soon.

In addition to finally working on some gaming miniatures, I have gone back to trying to do some DIY ‘designer’ vinyl toys. Between Laura and I, we have a reasonable selection of proper ones (pride of place = My Little Cthulhu and Unicornasaurus) and a couple of DIY ones that ended up in various degrees of success / completion. I’m working on one of the Kidrobot Munny variations; the goat called Raffy. For reference purposes, here is what an unmodified Raffy looks like, as I have already started drilling and hacking at mine:

Kidrobot = Awesome

With this one I’m going for a sort of cyberpunk feel (in the way that the video at the bottom of this post is, along with influences from HR Giger and steampunk; not in the fake multicoloured dreadlocks EBM raver sort of way). First off I’ve been flattening his back, in order to set an exhaust vent panel sort of component (nicked from a Warhammer 40,000 kit) fairly deep into his back before using modelling putty to make it as smooth as possible with his ‘skin’ or ‘natural/pre-sculpted contours’. This has been a bit arduous and I’m a little concerned about the depth of the vinyl itself, as I drilled straight through the head pretty swiftly – making holes for some brass poles to create some sort of antennae or something like a sweet brass spiky halo / liberty spikes-type arrangement. Eventually it will also have some pipes (probably made from guitar strings) linking the back of its head to its paunch; as well as the obligatory laser scope eye. Give it a sweet paint scheme and job done! Expect some in progress photos soon.

Check this out.


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