Day 17

Like the circles that you find...

Your Favourite Memory

I couldn’t even begin to think what my absolute favourite memory is; I have been lucky enough in my life that I can think of a lot of positive, happy memories. As such, I would hate to pick just one so instead we’ll go with some early memories.

I remember, for instance, very clearly coming home one day from primary school (it was either in reception or year 1 as this was at St Jerome’s, when I still lived in Formby) and being immensely proud of myself, for not only had I mastered the basics of the english alphabet, but also the strange written language of the grown-ups… joined-up writing! Of course, what I presented to my teacher during the day, and to my parents later on was an exercise book with page after page of wavy scribbles. There was no meaning behind it, even at the time I seem to recall knowing that what I was doodling down had no relation to real human language whatsoever.

Still, attempting to write from an early age and still trying now. One day might I find success.


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