Have you seen the sign..?

The Man.

Anyone who read this post a while ago will know that our D&D group will hopefully soon been starting up again in the sweet Dark Ages-style setting that Barrett has created, as well as all of the crazy time jumps he is working into it, enabling our infrequent flyers to still participate when they can. Seeing as how he has the D&D side of things covered, I have decided to abandon the Curse of the Illithid campaign on which I was working (at least for the time being) and use some of the ideas and physical supplements I had intended to use with it on a brand new game of Call of Cthulhu instead.

We have never played CoC before (the roleplaying game, obviously – the card game is sweet and there’s a tournament coming up soon) but it’s obviously a well-established game, in a sweet setting that we all love, that also seems to be very careful about with parts of the Cthulhu mythos to endorse, focusing mainly on the man himself, H.P. Lovecraft. Laura got me the sixth edition core book for Christmas and I have been poring over it since.

One of the other things that I had heard about CoC was that it was pretty harsh in places compared to other RPGs as befits the setting. Normal human beings can barely grasp the concept of the horrors from the space between space, let alone fight one with 1920s weaponry and emerge victorious, as far as I’m concerned and the game confirms this point very strongly. Everything seems to be set up to be much more focused on in-character sessions where the roleplaying is at the fore, and the dice rolls and any potential fights take a bit of a back seat. It’ll be a good break from D&D in this sense.

I’m hoping to run the Call of Cthulhu session alternate weeks with Barrett’s Dungeons & Dragons once we confirm a night that all interested parties can commit to. I will be starting off with The Haunting, a scenario that is included at the back of the sixth edition book – a one-evening scenario to break everyone in (and also a classic, having appeared as The Haunted House – a scenario of which even I have heard). After that it’ll be onto whatever darkness I can conjure by myself…

The horror, the horror!
Cthulhu Fhtagn


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