More Than Meets The Eye

There has been some discussion for a while about the various merits of the big artifact creatures you can choose to Tinker for in Vintage. Now I’m no expert on Type 1, but I have a pretty good grasp of the reasons for choosing your robot from the currently available selection.

  1. Darksteel Colossus – It’s big, it kills them in 2 hits (often even over blockers because of the low toughness of most non-robot/Oathed in guys in Vintage thanks to trample), it has the neat ‘shuffle it back into your library’ effect. It’s the classic robot. Indestructible maybe isn’t the most relevant as most removal will cause sacrifice or exile it.
  2. Inkwell Leviathan – It takes longer to kill them but it has a few neat advantages, namely that it has islandwalk (are you playing Vintage? Then there’s a high chance you’ll be playing with Islands) and retains trample for the non-blue decks. It also has shroud (because it’d suck to get this guy Pathed) and, most importantly in my eyes, can be pitched to Force in a pinch.
  3. Sphinx of the Steel Wind – can also be pitched to Force, and also has enough keywords to require dedicated reading time for the unprepared. It takes a lot longer to kill them (4 turns compared to 2 or 3), doesn’t shuffle back in and is still vulnerable to some removal, however it is good for getting back into the game after an aggro start from your opponents.

Now, bearing all of this in mind, the spoilers for Mirrodin Besieged today brought us this monstrosity:


Yep, that thing kills them in one; still has trample and is indestructible; now shrinks any guy that gets in its way; still shuffles and did I mention that it kills them in just the one swing? It remains to be seen if the Type 1 crowd will pick up on this over the other options, but it is certainly pretty spicy. 

P.S. The rules for poison counters don’t change in EDH/Commander. This thing is pretty nuts there, if expensive (didn’t stop them nerf’ing Emrakul).


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