Day 27

Your Favourite Place

Uhm, in bed? Wait, no – in bed with Laura! If our bed was above a pub… that was really gamer friendly, served proper ales and beer (i.e. wasn’t some sort of wine bar disgrace) and played only the best in music. Noisy music. And it would also have live gigs – the best gigs the world has ever seen! We’d have food as well, obviously. Gorgeous food, DERICIOUS even. We would obviously have the biggest and best mixed grill in town, with a nice local brew straight from the cask to your table, whilst a sweet jazz-noise combo played in the background. Afterwards there would be board games. Just returning to the bed thing, it’d be circular and covered in cushions and throws and an assortment of plush animals / characters (Cthulhu and Totoro, I’m looking at you). Back to the pub, we’d have a board games night and a roleplaying night, then a couple of nights of live music. The pub would obviously have some sort of turret. It might be called something amazing, but so amazing that I can’t think of anything right now. I always liked The Tally Ho, which is in/just outside Cambridge – their sign is of a Spitfire, which is awesome. Ours might have a name taken from ancient mythology… The Lammassu, I like. Our pub would be dark inside, not so dark as to not be able to see, but dark with uneven floors and random little cubbyholes and hidden tables and beams and stuff. We’d show all the good sports and have some gaming consoles wired up as well. And pinball machines; so manu pinball machins. It would be great.

Come to our pub, you know you want to.


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