Where’s the Coffee?

Dr Sheldon Cooper, B.S., M.S., MA, PhD, Sc.D.

Zoom! Zoom!

So, I don’t actually drink coffee and often wonder at my co-workers’ dependency on the stuff, especially as they decry the fact that I smoke. It also saddens me to think of a world in which I need two cups of a certain drink and cigarettes to get going in the morning; just one of the two is more than enough. That being said, Diet Coke is a beautiful elixir; the precious giver of all life. Now, I had tried to get a hold of some Powerthirst late last year, but the shipping costs were fairly prohibitive and despite having probably the best adverts known to mankind I decided to keep my eyes open for something else.


I found some of this in Forbidden Planet of all places, and decided more or less on a whim (it was also payday) to pick some up. Mana energy Potion is from the same people who do the blood in a bag drink and the radioactive powder tubes, Harcos Labs. It was £3.99 a bottle, so not that cheap but if their claim that one shot equals a couple of 8oz. Red Bulls is correct then I guess it equals out – plus it does look very cool. They also do a red one, which is the Health Energy Potion in an apple-cinammon flavour, but according to the bloke in FP it tastes like arse. I bought 5 of the little potion flasks (the thinking being one for each of our roleplaying group as it currently stands) but I grokked one around morning break time at work today (10:30-ish) which is when I normally start to wane, and waited for some energy. Here’s some facts for you:


6667% of anything is a ridiculous amount, but hopefully it will help me blast through the last remaining University work that I have to complete before I can graduate. Despite some slightly wacky numbers, the Mana Potion is supposed to supply all the usual benefits of physical and mental acuity and stamina, without any jitters or heavy crash afterwards. It did taste pretty good, and I did feel energised at work and am still going fairly strong now. Going to have to pick some more of this stuff up for the stag do in March, methinks…


1 Response to “Where’s the Coffee?”

  1. 1 Meghan Reeves January 29, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    I like the screw on lid so you can save some for later if you can t handle the whole bottle. I think it would also mix well with a sprite or even some club soda and plan on trying that next time…Kick Ingredients Here is where I expect the most from an energy shot. 20 minutes into it I felt ready to kick some ass and wished I had a handy or even a .

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