Maverick Modding

My disassembled Maverick

Here is the first installment of in-progress shots as I modify my Nerf N-Strike Maverick – against the background of my shiny new gaming mat. Obviously I haven’t done much other than take it apart at the moment – although that itself took some doing and I required the respective assistance and tools of Barrett and Dave for the task (cheers fellas). Now, all Nerf guns that I have seen recently have carried the same safety precaution written on the side (it’s a bugger to file off smoothly, believe me):

To avoid injury: Use only darts designed for this product. Do not modify darts or dart blaster.

I don’t know about injury, but I certainly know about frustration. The screws are sunk quite deep into the plastic casing and through a combination of £1 screwdriver kits and my ill-contained eagerness to get started I did manage to complete ruin the heads of a couple of them before I could get them out. This meant prying the two halves apart and just hoping that nothing snapped. It also means that one or two screws definitely aren’t going back in, but this is fine since I intend to use modelling putty to cover all the unseemly screws, etc.

Next step: Filing down the catch on the hinge holding the barrels to the gun for maximum loading potential.


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