Crush ‘Dem

New pedal yay!

My BugBrand μCrusher

I’ve wanted a bit crushing (sample rate reducing) effects pedal for a little while now. There are various different units available (the  Antenna by Copilot FX springs to mind, for example) but I simply haven’t had the financial situation / inclination to splash the funds for an effect that is, admittedly, pretty linear. It’s also pretty awesome. I hear that there’s this noise artist called Cynicism8 who quite likes it.

BugBrand have always been a company (read: one-man operation) that I have had a lot of respect for. Mr Tom Bugs makes some pretty sweet pieces of kit, most of which I want – he also sent me a nice e-mail about the posting of my pedal. The MicroCrusher or μCrusher hasn’t been available for quite a while, and so I jumped at the opportunity when I saw that some units had gone up in the online shop.

The pedal is all analogue (not true bypass for those of you who are interested, as it contains an internal buffer amplifier which is always in-circuit even if you bypass the effect), features rate and blend pots, a nice little ‘active’ LED, a push button on top, standard 9v negative barrel-tip power, 1 input, 1 output and has an input for a momentary switch – as the unit is solid but probably not solid enough to actually be ‘stomped’ as such.

P.s. here’s a sweet Russian site making some nice noise units that I found browsing the web today – ::vtol::


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