ØØ Void

Whilst cleaning out my room today (what joy) I happened across an old Fender catalogue from 2000 and found myself wondering how I wish I’d known what one of these amps would mean to me today… If I could afford one of course.





1 Response to “ØØ Void”

  1. 1 Bart Branch February 4, 2011 at 9:08 am

    Inevitable destruction or ruin.doom n. Fate especially a tragic or ruinous one.doom v. To condemn to ruination or death… Doom its whats for dinner . All that we know of Dooms whereabouts is that resides in our near future and is bunking with a few mates from college somewhere in a european hostel. He has a big heart and once he lets you in hell never let you go..If this wiki has allowed you to enter Dooms event horizon…

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