Maverick Modding, pt.2

Starting with the easiest bits first, after having taken my Maverick apart I began by working on the barrel. Basically, in factory-fresh mode the button on the side of the gun allows the barrel to drop out just far enough for you to get at one chamber cleanly, for reloading.  You then have to spin for each one and it’s tiresome, downright tiresome. So instead I decided to file down the little catch that sits on the hinge holding the barrel into place so that it’ll drop out and hopefully give me enough room to see at least four chambers at once. Tip if you’re doing this yourself: make sure that it’s completely flush.

This obviously isn't completely flush, but I didn't take a 'before' picture so this should still help locate the bit I'm on about.

After doing this I also needed to get rid of the little  catch that’s moulded onto the left hand side of the casing, just behind where the barrel sits. Quick and easy slice off with the Stanley knife again, and filed to a smooth surface for completion’s sake.

A proper 'before' picture. Ignore how grim it looks, that's just the residual crap from me filing off the safety warnings.

Next step: catching some sweet air.


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