Magic Football!

The Bat Dad!

Super Bowl XLV is tonight – TONIGHT. For a sport that I had watched maybe half a dozen times before a couple of months ago, I’m surprisingly excited about this event. Less excited about the half-time music (Black Eyed Peas? Really? What happened to Bruce Springsteen?) but I think there is genuinely an element of the actual game itself that’s getting to me; that is as opposed to looking forward to it just because it’s an excuse for a party. I never was very big on American Football as a sport, and I suppose as a physical game I’m still not overly enamoured, but the game overall does have two major things going for it:

  1. The obvious level of entertainment; the showmanship; the general OTT American approach to big-name events such as this; the atmosphere it creates; the interesting and often actually engaging commentary, etc.
  2. The tactics. For a long time Barrett has been trying to tell me how tactical the sport is, and for a long time I’ve argued that it surely can’t be more so than any other sport, but I’m beginning to see what he means.

Anyway, before we get to watching the Super Bowl (grokking Mana Energy Potions, plenty of booze and food along the way) I’ve got a Magic sealed event to go to at Inner Sanctum Collectibles. 3xMirrodin Besieged boosters, 3xScars of Mirrodin – time to open some ‘walkers and crush. Or scrub and start drinking early – either works for me!

P.s. have ended up as an honorary Packers supporter for the night (Sean’s team) as nobody wants to see the Steelers win. Nobody.


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