Sway of the Stars

Some people really like the UrzaTron. I really like playing with Loci. Following on from yesterday’s competitive Pauper 8-Post three colour control deck, today I give you my casual Legacy 12-Post mono blue combo deck! I decided that I couldn’t be bothered to draft anymore after selling a bunch of my cards online, so I built this for a laugh instead:

Mono Blue Sway Baby!

The list is really straightforward (and a little limited perhaps by my budget and the fact that I built a round a ten mana sorcery – which is even more than Warp World, previously the funniest thing to spend a ton of mana on):

(22) Lands: 4 Cloudpost, 4 Glimmerpost, 4 Vesuva, 10 Island
(12) Creatures: 4 Epochrasite, 4 Triskelion, 4 Aeon Chronicler
(14) Instants: 4 Mana Leak, 4 Condescend, 3 Negate, 3 Evacuation
(8) Sorceries: 4 Ancestral Vision, 4 Sway of the Stars
(4) Artifacts: 4 Prophetic Prism

Break me!

So, as previously mentioned, the deck could probably do with some better cards (which would cost more tix) and could probably also do with one or two more Islands. I also just kind of stuck with what I knew in terms of cards that work well with the ‘Posts e.g. Prophetic Prism. In case you don’t see the combo, the idea is to use your defensive cards and countermagic to live long enough to suspend an Aeon Chronicler (or two) and cast Sway of the Stars. Everything gets reset, and you should have enough cards in hand that Chronicler one-hit kills them the next turn. Of course, dropping Triskelion on turn 3 and protecting it with counters is also pretty strong as a plan b.

I also though I would try something new for this post – a video replay of a game I played with the deck online vs. Elves, but so far everything is cocking up! Depending on how this works out, I may be experimenting with video recording a little more in the future. I hope to get a video up real soon!


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