Maverick Modding, pt.3

Stage three of the Maverick modifications included removing the air restrictors between the firing mechanism and the chamber holding the dart, and also the spokes that sit in the chambers. To do this, we just opened up the back of the barrel, removing the three screws and took out everything that we deemed unnecessary (i.e. most of it). It was also at this stage that we simply snipped out the spokes and filed down the components to which they were attached.

Pssh... Don't need all this junk.

I would show you a picture of inside the gun for this but due to a mixture of bad screwdrivers and screwdrivers that are too small (schoolboy errors) I’m dangerously close to grinding off the head of one of the screws that affixes the back plate of the barrel to the rest of it. Instead here’s a picture I found on the internet showing you how it’s done:

Thanks to the internet!

Some people drill right through everything thing (though I have read many stories of this going horribly wrong) and even replace the barrels completely with their own – but I can’t be arsed to do this. On a friend’s advice, I also added two of the spare springs from this process onto the main metal pole that runs through the barrel and holds it onto the hinges. Placed between the forward hinge and the front of the barrel, this just gives a bit of resistance and pushes the chamber back onto the firing chamber for a touch more power/shock absorption, allegedly.

Does this do anything? I have no idea.

Next stage: Defacing the Queen!


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