Maverick Modding, pt.6

As aptly demonstrated by the previous few updates, once you take a few screws out the Nerf Maverick comes apart pretty easily into a bunch of different pieces. Given that my end goal is to seal up all the mould lines, re-sculpt some details and give the whole thing a tasty paint job, it seemed a good idea to superglue various components in place.

The air cylinder glued into place.

There is actually another modification that I could try out here, and may yet do so. In the above picture you get a pretty clear shot at the front of the air cylinder – in one suggested mod online, you can make this opening smaller in order to create a more focused and powerful stream of air. The usual way to do this is to cut a drinking straw down to size and affix it in the center of the usual opening, sealing around the edges with modelling putty or the like. I may yet still do this.
Springs and things.

 Yes, my gluing frenzy even encompassed all the funny little internal springs like the one above and the one on the bottom of the cocking mechanism. This is all probably a little overzealous but I really don’t watch to seal the gun up for good, only for it to misfire and be useless because something’s come loose inside.

Every background shot so far has included a huge amount of crap.

A little note on this front barrel piece (the orange circular component in the photo above). It’s important to keep this its original Nerf-tastic orange colour… To avoid getting shot by the police. Seriously.


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