Tethered to the Pole Star


A week today I will be filling in bass guitar for good friends of mine Black Polaris at Hitchin’s Club 85. They’re all lovely blokes, it’s a great line-up (we will be supporting the mighty BlackEye!) and I mean, come on, it’s Club 85! My especially good friend Sean is lending me his 5-string bass especially for the evening as the guys play in drop A# and my current bass strings will go nowhere near that low without losing all… well, all everything really. Again, this is pretty cool of him. Now just to learn an entire set, special pop cover included, and get used to playing a wider necked bass – in a week. You can check out Black Polaris here.



1 Response to “Tethered to the Pole Star”

  1. 1 ILOLD February 19, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    i lold @ this .t madness

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