Maverick Modding, pt.7

Grinding it down, man…

Work in progress shot, obv.

This is almost certainly (i.e. barring some unforseen disaster) the penultimate blog post about the modifications that I have been doing to / wreaking upon my Nerf N-Strike Maverick. I’m sure that the Airsoft guys are laughing at us, yes. And everyone else over the age of twelve, but whatever.

The final stage is purely aesthetic as it consisted of me slicing, filing and sanding down all the unsightly parts of the gun’s outer casing such as the N-Strike shield, the weird bobbles on the grip (as in the picture above) and all the other embossed writing such as the gun’s name along the undercarriage and the safety warnings on the side, which from memory read something like:

  • Do not aim at eyes or face.
  • Do not modify dart blaster or darts.
  • Do not have any kind of fun whatsoever.
  • Do not hit your friends with anything harder than some wimpily-thrown down feather.
  • More boring crap.

Point is, all that stuff has gone the way of all mould lines, and all the screw holes and other gaps are being Green Stuffed ready for the paint job and any other extra stuff I feel like adding to it – the final stage!

P.s. maybe it’s time for Airsoft next? We’re already stocking up on paint/smoke grenades for paintballing on the stag weekend next month.


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