Shopping List of Champions

My kitchen table, yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday, Sean and I had a pretty good day out in Stevenage and the surrounding area (represent, Graveley massive – in particular the Hungry Horse and your ridiculously underpriced food!). We visited all of the staples of a good day’s shopping: Toys’r’Us, Hobby Craft, Argos, B&Q and an Extreme Laser Tag centre. As you do.

1 Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 Blaster
1 Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 blaster
1 Nerf N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2 Blaster
1 Litre of Latex Liquid Rubber
1 Bottle of Latex Thickener
1 25mm Paint Brush
1 Junior Hacksaw
2 Cans of Citadel Chaos Black Spray Paint
1 Large Glass Jar
1 pack of 35 N-Strike Whistler Darts (reduced as there was one missing!)
1 N-Strike Flip Clip (with 24 darts)
1 pack of 36 N-Strike Clip System Darts
3 meters of 2″ Waste Pipe
3 meters of 3/8″ Overflow Waste Pipe
1 40mm Coupling
1 40mm ABS Expansion Coupling
1 pack of AA Batteries

Also on the list were some cheap wire coat hangers, but we couldn’t find any so I have salvaged some from home instead. All of this obviously cool stuff aside though, plus the mighty amount of meat that we ate, there was something even cooler that we managed to achieve today. The manager/owner of a certain Laser Tag center thinks it would be absolutely fine for us to hire out the space for Nerf War – hells yeah! Just hope we can get this sorted soon, but we first need… Moar Guns!

Hopefully all of the slightly more cryptic items on the list (plumbing goods and latex?) will be explained on this here blog within the next week or two, along with some more modding guides/updates for my new Barrel Break shotgun and the Maverick, which I do intend to actually finish soon. Honestly.

For posterity's sake: Sean's current arsenal!


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