I told you so.

Yesterday, as the observant ones amongst you will have clocked, was the Mirrodin Besieged Games Day and I played the idiotic, super-speedy Kuldotha Red deck. I had a pretty good day, going 4-1 in the swiss and feeling moderately confident in the deck. I certainly saw a lot of players who just had no clue how to pilot the deck (holding on to Signal Pest(s) until turn 4 or so is just plain wrong) who were nonetheless still doing well on sheer power level even through misplays.

In the quarterfinals I lost two not-at-all-close games to Boros where the guy sided in at least 12 cards that just ruin the deck that I was playing (Cunning Sparkmage, Kor Firewalker, Arc Trail, Divine Offering, Basilisk Collar, etc.) – it was kind of brutal. Still, I came 4th on standings at the end of the day and won some packs – which had nothing in them of worth, although the Top 8 card (foil full art Black sun’s Zenith) certainly made up for some of that.

The overall winner of the event, however, was my friend Toby (now two times Games Day Champion of Cambridge!) piloting his U/W Shape Anew deck. What was he newly shaping into? Why, it’s our friend Blightsteel Colossus, of course…

Oh hai guys!

I told you so! Of course, this isn’t really the be-all and end-all of Magic: the Gathering, it was just sort of funny that the poster-child for Timmy power creep won our local event.

I think in terms of playing the deck again, I would certainly choose to do so and probably not with any changes (perhaps a couple of copies of Mortarpod in the board for some spice). I would also hope to face more straight control or any of the combo matchups, and I would also be happy with the mirror, as the only things I played against in the swiss were two copies of Mono-W Quest and three variations on UB Infect control (one with Grand Architect). The latter is the one that crushed me by dropping a really early Platinum Emperion – harsh.


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