Much like the subject of today’s blog post, I am returned to the land of the living from the awesome weekend that was Chris’ stag do in the fine city of Nottingham. Had a fantastic time, and I hopefully I will have some, uhh… ‘content’ for everyone reading this very soon!

Dinner is served, bitches.

Today I picked up the complete Hellspawn collection (all of the issues, cover gallery, additional art, behind-the-scenes content, etc.) for a pretty reasonable £30 and so far it’s been excellent. It’s actually the first Spawn comic that I’ve ever owned, despite having read most of the origin story and being pretty familiar with the general gist of things mostly due to the popularity of the franchise back in the 90’s. I also recently started watching the animated series online and got to about episode 6 when I discovered that it had been cancelled after the third series (only 18 episodes) and thus nowhere near a conclusion. I regrettably dropped it after that, as I knew I’d never get any closure on that particular strand.

Aside: Talking of things that have been cancelled, I was pretty gutted to see this news piece about the progress of Guillermo del Toro’s adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness. Basically, Universal studios have refused to greenlight the film – a proposed $150 million live-action epic, with James Cameron as executive producer and Tom Cruise rumoured to be starring. The reason? Well, basically it comes down to the fact that it’s Lovecraft. Del Toro, and the story itself, need an ‘R’ rating in America, but the studio want PG-13 to reach a wider audience and make money back. Also, the fact that it’s a bleak tale of unimaginable horror with no happy ending or anything easily marketable to the masses probably didn’t help.

Still, there is hope out there. The studio isn’t completely ditching the project; word has it that he’s shopping it to other studios; and he’s also been attached to Pacific Rim as director (it looks like it could be pretty sweet – not Lovecraft, but sweet nonetheless). Hopefully we’ll see some cosmic horror on the big screen soon enough! Also, there’s a new Spawn animated series in the works, which we may or may not see this year according to various sources.


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